I tried to help you through your pain
thought I could take it all away
but you swim in your misery
I tried to save you from yourself
I know you’re only someone else
and your oceans so deep

And if those waves
just keep on crashing down
I won’t be coming for ya
I can’t keep waiting for ya

And if those flames
Just keep on burning out
I won’t keep searching for ya
I can’t keep waiting for ya

Telling you I’m leaving now
cuz you let me down
put my feet back on solid ground
and I gave it all
but you let me down
I ain’t got you now

You see you slowly got swept away

Like leaves on an autumn day
the spiral of your lies was too strong

Go and release all your demons
hope that you can take control
oh I wish you the best

looking back at the good old days
when we were young and free
staring at the waves crashing in

Things have changed

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