The Measure of a Man par Rik

You’re a young man now, you’ve turned thirteen –
And you starting to think what a man should be.
Give your mother a hug and your daddy a kiss.
It’s time to grow, you know, we’ve talked about it.
It ain’t how a man died, but how he lived.
It’s what he got, but what he’s got to give.
Good times, bad times; sometimes it’s compromise –
Making people happy till they got tears in their eyes.

Keep on growing even when you’ve reached full height.
Deep in your soul, you’re growing all the time.
Travels and adventures lay ahead:
And you know you’ve got me always as your friend…

Now A real man doesn’t go brag or boast
Walking around like he’s the most.
He respects women – champions their rights.
Calls his momma up to say good night.
A real man looks out for children in the world.
And he speaks up when others bully little girls.
And he knows his feelings ain’t nothing to fear –
Sometimes, he even might even shed a tear.
Every man has value, every man has worth.
A man is a human regardless of birth.

And some may try to crush your dreams;
That’s why you need your self esteem.
You’ll keep it real, you ain’t no one’s front –
You won’t manipulate, lie, or go pull stunts.
You’ll stay school and not mess around –
With the bad kids who try and drag you down.
You’ll be the man to show them the way –
When others go wrong or fall astray.
A man that a sister can look up to,
Who treats women right, doesn’t play them for fools.
What goes around comes around:
Share this world; it’s everybody’s playground.
And you’ll remember those who got so much less.
Count your stars. I’m just telling’ it like it is.

A real man learns from his mistakes.
Says he’s sorry – ain’t only on the take.
And I know you gotta future paved in gold.
Just remember kid, you need your soul.

Love is the answer – might seem trite,
Start with yourself; hold my words tight.
Money ain’t no good if you got no heart.
How will you answer? Did you play your part?

These are the things that measure the worth;
Of a man as a man, regardless of birth.
These are the things that measure the worth;
Of a man as a man, regardless of birth.

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